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The Best Online Investment Programs

Online Investments

 25% - 45% Fixed Daily Interest

Global Investment Management is an independent brokerage and investment firm that offers an array of fixed income investment products and services. We provide investment consulting services for institutional and private investors, including investment policy analysis, investment cost analysis, asset allocation analysis, and performance evaluation.
Whether you are saving for your child's education, investing in your business, building your dream retirement, or looking for alternative investment opportunities, our company will provide the information, insight, and expertise you need to achieve your financial goals. Our competitive interest rates are guaranteed for an initial period determined by the contract. Make the most of your cash reserves with our secure online investment solutions. We offer fixed interest with the added possibility of keeping your savings in Dollar, Euro, or Gold.

Global Investment

  400% - 850% Return in 24 Hours

Global Investment is a private online investment program.  We offer you a true and stable passive income from your participation in our program.  With it's cooperative partners, Global Investment forms a group of international brokers and analysts who can call upon many years of experience in working out and implementing trade strategies. It is our aim to support you in the successful implementation of your investment decision and to accompany you at every phase of the investment process with a high  degree of attention so as to continually manage your assets in the best possible way. Our professional expertise allows us to offer you secure returns on investments.

Forex Markets

We pay 30% - 80% Daily Profit

Forex Markets is one of the most fast-growing and perspective corporations, working on an exchange market. Main company business is trading on FOREX market. Systematic market analysis, observation of foreign exchanges, margin trading, effective use of fundamental and technical analysis, everything is performed in order to reduce risks and get a profit. Corporation performs its activity 24 hours a day due to a group of professional traders.
We invest in long term and short term funds registered with NYSE & AMEX as well as private invest funds and most importantly, Forex exchange. Our investors receive 30% - 80 % percent a day at the same time as our profit increases proportionally to a total sum of investments. Becoming our investor, you become not only a part of the working capital, but also a part of our command!

Money Management Group

Earn 300% to 500% Profit Plus Your Principal

Money Management Group is an asset management group that provides investments services, risk management and advisory services to both institutional and individual investors across the globe. We will ensure that you get the minimal downside risk and maximum upside profit potential while creating your diversified portfolios with our specialists. We serve a large diversified client base and may offer all forms of institutional investment, financial intermediaries and foundation support as well as serve high net worth individuals and private investors.
The Money Management Groups has the experience, skills performance, capability and qualified management to assist you in the handling of your funding requirements based on your specific needs. We have the asset management solution for your business as we offer a wide range of funds covering every investment region. We provide a way that allows you to participate in worldwide markets without any complications, and invest the amounts you dispose. Our offer can satisfy all you requests, as we work for you! Our investors receive 30% - 50% daily interest based on the amount of investment.

Bullion Investments

  Receive Up To 400% Profit

Bullion Investments is a professional investment company, creating a great investment portal for investors world-wide. We have some alternative investment markets that give us opportunities to keep our promises, concerning the payouts and are a kind of insurance against any possible fluctuations on the basic sources of getting the profit. The demand for gold investment has risen substantially as investors increasingly seek safety from paper investments through precious metals.  Bullion Investments has a well built investment portal which provides a secured, safe and 100% guaranteed investment environment to all people over the world. With a very secured system, which promised to give you the best time of investment with no fear. Therefore, we are different from others investment company because we are very serious about our services and customer satisfaction.

Money Investment Service

 Receive Up To 1100% Return

Money Investment Service  is one of the leading financial services organization - providing Financial and Investment related services and products. We provide a premier range of services to both individual and institutional investors, including investment advisory, strategy and planning, portfolio management and equity investment. Money Investment Service provides different competitive investment programs with guaranteed returns and offers an investment option for everyone, whether it is businessman or retired person, housewife or college student. Our commitment to our client’s investment needs, our experienced and dedicated professionals help us to find tailored solutions for every customer. That is why we consider our investment products to be one of the best on financial market. We pay 25.5% to 36.5% daily profit, you can also take advantage of our special offer plan and earn 1100% return.

Earning High Yield

 500% ~ 1200% In 12 - 48 Hours

Secure Investment is a high yield investment program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term. This is one of the most secure and convenient investment program on the Internet. You can choose your investment hours from home, office or anywhere in the world. All you need is a Perfect Money or Bitcoin account and a personal computer with Internet access. We offer you to become a member of Secure Investment and receive 500% - 1200% of your deposit within in 12 - 48 hours directly to your digital currency account.

Gold Profits

 Earn 400% to 600% Return On Your Investment Within 12 to 48 Hours

Gold Profits is a global leader in alternative investments. The company serves more than 10 thousand merchant locations, and thousands of investors worldwide. We have merchants in more than 80 countries and investors in 150 countries. We provide investors with opportunities to invest in carefully configured, high interest investment plans. Gold Profits provides investments to global users and payment-processing services to the European largest financial services providers, to the merchant around the corner, and to businesses of all sizes. We ensure that investments will generate earnings stable and risk free, and money moves accurately and securely anytime, anywhere.

Capital Investment

50% to 100% Daily Interest

Gold Profits is a global investment manager dedicated to growing and preserving client assets and building trust, in partnership with financial professionals and institutions worldwide. We have worked to help investors reach their financial goals. As an investor at Capital Investment, you'll have access to a wide range of investment choices, including stocks and bonds, to help achieve your investment goals.
We have set a very ambitious target - to become the best investment  project on the web that will make customers' funds work. We have achieved the target, but still are moving ahead. Our main goal is to provide first class service capable of meeting the demands of the most fastidious customers. At Capital Investment, we develop investment products that are relevant to the market and that we believe are designed to produce consistent, competitive investment performance. We deliver a broad range of investment strategies while focusing on operational excellence and technology enablement. We are committed to supporting our clients with dedicated service teams and well-informed sales professionals. Our professional expertise allows us to offer you secure returns on investments.

Stock Investment

8.5% to 19% Daily Profit

Stock Market Services Ltd is an independent brokerage, advisory services and investment firm that offers an array of products and services for investors all over the world. We offer a full range of investing, asset management, financial planning, and other financial products and services. Whether you're new to online trading or an experienced active trader, Stock Market Services Ltd offers customized stock investment plans. Investment plans developed by us will allow our clients to place their investments in the stock market by reducing time and risks if compared with independent investments.  Our team has the experience and qualified management skills to assist you in building financial stability platform for years ahead. 
You can become an investor and start receiving profits on the markets that have always been closed for private investors or were connected with other difficulties such as lack of required investment activity knowledge to invest on your own. The money you entrust us becomes a part of our investment capital the same as many other investors deposits and will be managed by experienced professionals. You can take advantage of our Special Offer Programs and earn up to %335 profit.  

Financial Investment

225% - 300% AFTER 4 DAYS

Financial Investment is a regulated securities and commodities trading firm, specializing in online Foreign Exchange ("Forex") brokerage. In addition to Forex, Financial Investment is a primary market maker in Contracts for Difference ("CFDs") on shares, indices and futures, and offers one of the fastest growing online CFD trading services.
Financial Investment has over 10 thousand clients worldwide, including individual traders, institutions, and money managers. Financial Investment provides an advanced, secure, and comprehensive online trading system. Client funds are insured and held in a separate customer account. We use our knowledge and skills along with the most effective financial methods to reach the best fiscal results in the most attractive investment projects. Financial Investment appreciates every investor and always finds the best variants for your finances. Working with us is convenient and transparent, you can always watch the results of your investments on our website.

Online Fund Management

9.5% to 14.5% Daily Interest

Online Fund Management is an investment system designed specifically for online investors. To make it easier for you and to reduce administrative expenses, we use the so-called e-currencies (also referred to as digital currencies or electronic payment systems) in our operations. We aim to deliver powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to our investors, achieving consistent performance through the quality of our people and experience. Online Fund Management selects investment opportunities with strictly defined parameters, where Online Fund Management can bring about positive change through strategic, financial, technological and operational involvement, thus revolutionizing the company's fundamental parameters. Our involvement with enterprises is deeply connected to add value in multiple ways, thereby exponentially increasing the return on the capital deployed, Online Fund Management leverages its approach to investing to maximize return on capital, offering investors a unique conduit into risk-controlled high return investments. We offer three investment packages for you to choose from - Standard and Premium and VIP.

Forex Investments

300% - 700% Return In 48 Hours

Forex Investments was created to enable people to increase their wealth safely and easily with no work and no risk. Forex Investments is engaged in online trading of Foreign Exchange (FX), Stocks, Stocks on Margin (CFDs), Futures. Our company is an investment advisory firm that solely trades the Forex market with the objective of aggressive growth. Once you make a deposit, the amount is equally divided and added to our professionally managed Stock & Forex accounts. This allows people to experience, participate and receive very good returns on a daily basis; as compared to the returns offered by other traditional methods.

Kuwait Investment

1000% Return In 48 Hours

Kuwait Investment is a private investment company located in a region that contains 75% of the world's oil reserves, Kuwait may be small in size but it has great  petroleum wealth. We are private-owned and responsible for some off Kuwait's hydrocarbon interests throughout the world. As part of the global energy industry, we also supply countries with its vital oil and gas needs by investing in new exploring, producing, refining, transporting and marketing oil companies. We invests direct mostly in established Petroleum Corporation and Oil Companies in Kuwait and also established a Business Angle Network. We offer 3 short time investment plans.

Mutual Funds Banking

 450% - 700% Profit On Your Investment Within 4 to 48 Hours

Mutual Funds Banking is a private investment company which was established in 2008 by a group of experienced foreign exchange brokers and analysts. Our investment strategy is based on principles of risk management, so we do not limit ourselves in areas of investment. You can rest assured that we to provide you will strive with the fastest most efficient service, along with the highest quality products available. Our investors receive 450% - 700% profit.


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